Why We Give – Law of Circulation

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“It is only when we allow the Divine current to flow through us, in and out, we really express life. The law of giving and receiving is definite.” – Ernest Holmes

The Law of Circulation states that what we give out we shall receive. It is our ministry with Gracious Giving, to put our good back out into the community to make room for more good to come to us. We focus our giving on local charities that help children, fragile adults, animals and the environment. 5% of the Sunday collection is ear-marked for charity giving. The committee meets once or twice a year to develop the list of charities.



January – Listening Post

February – Stone Soup

March – Beacon Hill

April – New Hope Compassionate Ministries

May – Operation Mary Louise

June – SC Foundation Suicide Prevention

July – AK Police and Fire Chaplains

August – TBA Theater/Anchorage Community Theater

September – Alaska Center for the Blind

October – AK Lutheran Social Services

November – Straw for Dogs

December – Alaskans for Litter Prevention & Recycling


January – Alaska Community Action on Toxins

February -Alaska Correctional Ministries

March – Hope Community Resources

April -Victims for Justice

May – Access Alaska

June – STAR

July – Habitat for Humanity

August – AWAIC

September – Alaska Common Ground

October – Alaska Children’s Trust

November – Anchorage Waterways Council

December -Alaska Zoo


January- Hospice

February-Focus Inc.

March- Shiloh Community Development

April- Alaska Kidney Patients Association


June- Alaska Junior Theater

July- Kids Lunch Box at Beans Cafe

August- No one Dies Alone – at Providence Medical Center

September- ACSL Emergency Resources/Compassionate Care

October-NAMI-National Alliance on Mental Illness (local)

November-Alzheimer Resource Center

December-Mabel T Senior Center



January Anchorage Downtown Soup Kitchen

February – Victims for Justice

March- Split between McKinnell House and Claire House

April- Anchorage Parks Foundation

May- Special Olympics

June- Identity (to be earmarked for a specific program yet to be determined)

July- Alaska Healing Hearts

August – Safe Harbor Inn

September- Alaska Cares

October- Equine Assisted Therapy Alaska

November – Hospice Alaska

December- Midnight Sun Service Dogs


January – Friends of the Library

February – Catholic Social Services’ Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services

March – Planned Parenthood of Alaska

April – Challenge Alaska

May – AK Police and Fire Chaplains

June – Anchorage Waterway Council

July – Arms Services YMCA Food bank

August – Facing Foster Care

September –  ACSL Emergency Resources/Compassionate Care

October – Kitty and K9 Connection

November – Anchorage Artists Co Op

December – YMCA

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