What is a Practitioner?

A professional Spiritual Living Practitioner is trained extensively in the use of Science of Mind Principles and Affirmative Prayer.  Training includes a multi-year required course study plus a comprehensive oral and written exam. Practitioners are licensed as a Religious Science Practitioner (R.Sc.P.) by our parent organization, Centers for Spiritual Living, to serve as a professional in the field of spiritual guidance.  The Practitioner license is renewed every two years after meeting service, continuing education requirements, and recommendation of the minister.

What do Practitioners Do?healing words with open hands

As Practitioners, we turn within and know the Truth for you and acknowledge Spirit’s presence in all aspects of your life.  We are not trying to change or fix something, but simply to reveal the perfection of Spirit that exists in all of us!

All information you provide in your prayer request is strictly confidential.  The only exception is if you were in danger of hurting yourself or hurting someone else, in which case, the Practitioner will seek assistance from the appropriate entity.  Our practitioners are available to guide you, lift your spirits, know the Truth for you, and help you in several ways:

  • After the Celebration Service on Sunday, a practitioner is available for a mini-session (called a one-minute miracle). We speak an affirmative prayer for your area of concern.
  • You may complete a prayer request form (located in the Sunday bulletin) and place it in the prayer box on the table near the entrance door. All practitioners will hold you or a loved one in prayer for a full week.  Prayer requests may be submitted as often as needed or desired.
  • You may fill out a prayer request online, and practitioners will hold you in prayer for a full week.
  • You may also schedule a private 1-hour session. Each sets his or her own fee for a professional session which is flexible and reasonable and never turns away anyone because of an inability to pay the fee.  Practitioner business cards may be found on the foyer wall near the prayer box.

The Practitioner Contact List is available here.


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