We believe that there is one ultimate loving energy that is present everywhere. Call it what you’re comfortable with: God, Spirit, Source, the Great I Am, Allah, Yahweh; there are many names for the One. This is not a personality outside of us, but rather a presence within each of us. We are inherently Spiritual beings having a human experience.

We believe that God does not judge us, does not “keep score” or choose favorites, but is an infinite Source for our growth and evolution. We view the concept of sin as merely “missing the mark” – an opportunity to make a different choice and experience a different outcome.

We believe that heaven and hell are not physical places to which we are sent by God, but describe states of mind. God is unconditional Love, and would not create life to destroy or condemn it. When we tap into the energy of Abundance and Peace, we are in heaven. When we perceive separation from God, we experience hell.

We believe that we co-create with God, that our thoughts create our realities. When we align our thoughts with the perfection of God, we can heal sickness, break free from lack and limitation, and choose a way of living that is joy-filled and powerful.

We believe that we live in an abundant, unlimited universe and that within us lies all the Wisdom, Love and Power needed to create full, joyous, prosperous lives.

Our Values

We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices, and values.

  • Spiritual Living
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Education and Creativity
  • Transformation and Evolution
  • Accountability and Integrity
  • Open Communication
  • Love, Compassion, and Caring
  • Community Service

The Science of Mind

Author and speaker Dr. Ernest Holmes founded a movement called Religious Science in the early 20th century.  Holmes devoted his life to the study of truths from all the world’s religious traditions and spiritual paths and developed a new way of looking at ourselves and how we fit into our world.  In 1927, he wrote “The Science of Mind” which synthesized the truths that he discerned were present throughout all of the world’s faiths.  This book is the foundation of the principles of Religious Science.

This teaching is ‘open at the top’ which means that as we evolve and greater wisdom is discovered, we expand our understanding to encompass new ideas.

The basic premise of this teaching is that we are connected with everything around us – that God, or Spirit is the interconnectedness of all life.  This loving presence and power is within us and we can tap into it.  We recognize the creative power of our thoughts and our beliefs, so we know that spiritual living is an ongoing practice of dispelling the beliefs that hold us apart from the life that we want to live and clarifying our vision for the life we want.

Some of the principles we teach are:

  • There is one power and presence in the world, which we call God.
  • God is all there is, so we are by nature a part of God, filled with and surrounded by God.
  • As we become conscious of this truth, we join in partnership with God to influence our lives for good, whether for improved health, finances, relationships, or simple happiness.
  • We do this by learning what the spiritual laws are that govern the universe and how to work with them to accomplish our needs, wants, and goals.

“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

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