Welcome Home!

“I feel like I’ve come home!” This is the joyous declaration of many of our guests. It speaks powerfully of the many gifts the Alaska Center for Spiritual Living seeks to give you:

  • Total, loving acceptance.
  • A positive environment promoting growth.
  • Tools for healing, transforming and succeeding.
  • A practical, spiritual teaching that enhances and embraces all faiths and spiritual paths.
  • A way to access the Power within and make a difference in your life. We welcome all to our Center where we embrace Oneness with one another and the Divine.

Purpose To Awaken and Inspire Love and Oneness

Vision: We Are An Empowered, Uplifting, Inclusive Community

Mission:  To Teach Spiritual Transformation with Grace and Joy

Our Guiding Principles, Values and Beliefshealing word cloud with open hands

  • We transform lives by clarifying and revealing the Truth.
  • Expressing love for each other and ourselves is more important than any task, situation, condition or conflict.
  • We recognize, with respect, with gratitude and with love the diversity of God as it appears in all people, especially in the expression of their spiritual beliefs.
  • As we seek more life and greater love, we remember, with a grateful heart, that the gift has already been given.
  • We are committed to our spiritual practices as they expand our awareness of our True Nature.
  • Giving our financial support, our time and our talent to our spiritual community contributes significantly to our own spiritual development.
  • There’s a fire in our hearts for the God in all Creation.

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