We are an empowered, uplifting, inclusive community teaching spiritual transformation with love and joy.

These are quotes from our members of the ways the Center has transformed their lives and things they love about our Community.

I’ve grown so much because of the Center. The Center has been absolutely life-changing for me!   -Michelle S

Many times and in many ways. The music, the message, the members—provided such inspired encouragement, empowerment, and love that I was greatly encouraged to expand.

To expand to a greater truth of myself and a greater acceptance of Universal Truth.

I greatly look forward to my path with the involvement and loving community with the Alaska Center of Spiritual Living. -Maureen V

The openness of the energy, this has strengthened my ability to connect with others just finding their way to enlightenment. This is big for me, because many of my people have forgotten what they have always known; now I’m here to inspire not only myself but many others mostly those who have forgotten.          -Candis M

Winning the Pride Float trophy. Marching together as a community of loving friends, accepting of all! All our annual gatherings. The last winter solstice was so much fun!! Personally, it has been taking classes. Foundations & Self-Mastery. Any time we as a community of like minded people get together it is an amazing moment!!    -Jean A

The people. Classes. Deep spiritual experiences and awakenings as a direct result of engaging with others in the teachings. -Dawn M

Watching our youth grow up at church.   -Cindy H

Loved all the spiritual striders walks! One of the most amazing times was when we worked with a facilitator to make the purpose, vision & mission statement, so dynamic and fun! Classes rock of course!  -Susan B

That class with Linda on that Saturday where we all balled like babies. The first time I came to service and was so inspired by the music, people and Rev Don’s talk that I felt like I was home, and I cried then too. -Heather E

While I have been with the Alaska Center for Spiritual Living, the most amazing things are how often the most amazing things would occur.

From a complete mumble jumble of confused needs I might be challenged with at the time, it seems that by showing up and being open and observant, I would be blessed.

Every time I have put in a prayer request, something affects the condition prayed for in a positive way.  Not sometimes but every time and not always the ways I expect. Prayer is what keeps me coming back to the Center…from centering prayer, one-minute miracles or spiritual mind treatments. They demonstrate miracles in my life. I had a court case, I was about to lose, prayed over by Kaleem. I won. My medical providers had never approved a medication I needed to cure me of a chronic illness. I put in a prayer request it was approved and I am cured.  The fact that I enjoy centering prayer and have a connection with God is a miracle in itself.  ???? -Deidra G

Forgiving myself for so many things. Realizing that Love is everything and everywhere. That everyone is God. Pet Blessing. And so many more! -Malorie S

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