As licensed practitioners,  we are trained in the art and science of positive prayer (also referred to as spiritual mind treatment).  Practitioners see the divine magnificence in every person.  They know there is a greater good in every situation.  We’re dedicated to using the power of prayer for you.


Camille Conte, RScP


Camille Conte




Cynthia George, RScP


Cynthia George



Anne Fleming, RScP


Anne Fleming



Cynthia Hensley, RScP


Cindy Hensley




Anne Lazenby


Anne Lazenby




Kaleem Nuriddin, RScP

Kaleem Nuriddin

cell (907) 727-9371



Lynne Prossick, RScP


Lynne Prossick



Karen Valera-Sherman, RScP


Karen Valera-Sherman



Linda Steiner


Linda Steiner

cell (907) 444-8484


Robert Wallis, RScP

Robert Wallis



Christina Young, RScP


Christina Young



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